21 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Stuck At Home – Or On The Move

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In addition to the gifts featured above, we spoke with several experts about additional ways to honor your dad on his special day. Here’s what they said.

Carve out space/organize areas

Working from home will become the new norm, and Anna Maria Mannarino, interior designer at Mannarino Designs in Holmdel, NJ, recommends helping your father prepare for this shift.

“Creating a more permanent, comfortable and personalized work from home area would be practical and thoughtful,” she said.  “Many folks were forced into working from home and have been making due with temporary set-ups that are not conducive to an on-going situation,” she explaions. “Even if Dad has been working in his own man cave or den, you can still make an area within a more appropriate work environment.” The right home office essentials can help to create an environment that mimics dad’s work office, but with his personal touches.

Another idea is to lend a hand to help dad. Sandra Lambert, founder and principal interior designer at Realm Designs in Middlesex, NJ, recommends tackling a big organization project that he does not have the time or interest to do himself.  “Clean out the garage or basement and organize his equipment on shelves by category (like paint equipment, tools, and brushes) and then use clear jars for things like screws and nails.” She also recommends installing wall hangers or a pegboard wall organizer system. “You can buy him a new toolbox and fill it with things he always seems to be running to the hardware store to buy, like tape measure, picture hangers, hammer, and screwdriver, etc.” For basements, consider getting him storage trunks to declutter the area.

Spend time in nature

The number of places you can visit on Father’s Day might be limited this year. However, Freyr Thor, founder and CEO of Yonder, a platform for nature tourism, recommends spending a day together in nature.

 “There are creative ways to get out in nature without having to travel far or spend a lot, such as a day of fishing at the local river, lake, or stream where you can enjoy the excitement of catching Father's Day dinner together,” Thor says. And if your dad isn’t into fishing, there are other things you can do outdoors. “Try a new hike at a local trail since the days are getting warmer and the sun is setting later,” Thor suggests. “Take advantage of the wonderful outdoor conditions around you and treat dad to a healthy dose of fresh air and vitamin D this year.”

Make dad king for a day

Another suggestion is to stay home and make dad “king for a day.” For example, Sara Chwatt, interior designer at SBC Interiors in Millburn, NJ, recommends cleaning the grill so dad can fire it up to celebrate his special day. “Order some special steaks and all his favorite accompaniments to make the feast special,” she says. And, Chwatt says you can also offer to do the grilling.

And here’s another cooking idea. “Get the family involved in cooking his favorite dinner or secretly order delivery from his favorite place,” recommends Amanda Clark, owner of Ever So Organized®, a full-service home organizing company based out of Orange County, CA.

“The key here is presentation - have the kids make a restaurant sign and menu and decorate the dining room as if he’s being treated to a night out,” Clark says. 

And since dad can’t go to the movies, she recommends bringing the movie theater to him. “Add extra chairs and cushions to the living room and pop in his favorite flick,” Clark advises. And this is something the kids can help with. “Get the kids to run a makeshift concession stand where dad can ‘purchase’ tickets, popcorn and candy,” she says. “Don’t forget to punch his ticket and show dad to the best seat in the house.”

Yet another idea is recreating a sporting event in the back yard. “It can be as simple as playing catch or a game of tag, or as intense as a competitive cannonball competition,” Clark says. She recommends using your phone to film the action, while serving as the play-by-play announcer.  “If possible, mirror the video later on your TV and let Dad enjoy his favorite beverage and appetizer while he watches the highlight reel.” 

Another idea is to get dad a freestanding hammock, and let him sleep all day in the backyard.

Other Father’s Day ideas 

Amy Vance, the owner of Eco Modern Concierge in Houston, TX, recommends the following gift ideas:

  • Hire a service - like handyman or other home service to give dad a break from his honey-do list. 

  • Handmade crafts - have the kids make something fun or a handwritten card.

  • Volunteer/Support charities together - this can be done virtually, by donating items or raising funds

  • Online Classes like Master Class, woodworking, welding, etc.

  • Consumables - a food basket with a theme like pasta night, pizza night, taco night, etc.

  • Delivered goods - Have a wine/beer/alcohol, their favorite food, etc. delivered.

  • Gifts cards - think of gift cards that are useful like for Amazon, various restaurants that are still open,  the grocery stores, etc.

  • Subscription / Membership gifts - Shipt, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, AAA, AARP (you can be any age to get this) magazines, newspapers, consumable subscription boxes like food, wine, etc. 

  • Books - book of the month club, Audible subscription, gift certificate for a local bookstore

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