8 Reasons To Wait For The OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To

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Last month, some OnePlus 8 Pro users reported that they have been facing issues with HD streaming. Due to this issue, users of the latest flagship smartphone are not able to stream HD content on apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Instead, they can stream only SD content despite the hardware support on the device.

OnePlus 8 Pro HD Playback Bug To Be Fixed This Month Via Update


Though its been a bit late, the company has now acknowledged the same and has revealed when it will come up with a fix for the same. As per a report by Gadgets 360, OnePlus has confirmed that they are aware of the issue that has been affecting a limited number of devices. It has been revealed that the company is working on an OTA update to resolve the same later this month.

OnePlus 8 Pro HD Playback Fix

While OnePlus did not confirm when exactly the HD playback issue will be resolved or explain the root cause of this problem, the company has acknowledged the issue and confirmed that it is prepping a fix. Furthermore, it has been stated that not all users of OnePlus 8 Pro are facing this HD playback issue. Though who are not able to stream HD content on their OnePlus 8 Pro will have to wait for the update to be rolled out later in June.

What's The Issue?

Early in May, some OnePlus 8 Pro users took to the official forums to complaint that their smartphone is not able to stream HD content on Netflix and other well-known streaming services. This issue started after the rollout of the OxygenOS 10.5.5 update. After the update, some users of the device noted that the Widevine DRM security level dropped from L1 to L3, thereby preventing them from playing HD content from many services.

As per the users who have raised this issue, it HD playback problem is related to Widevine DRM, which is a technology to prevent piracy of content and distribute video content securely to devices adhering to the rules framed by content owners. For now, there is no clarity regarding why the update caused a downgrade in the Widevine DRM security level.


What We Think

Given that OnePlus is all set to roll out a fix to the current HD playback issue faced by the users of OnePlus 8 Pro later this month, we can expect the issue to the resolved and users to enjoy HD content from popular streaming services. We need to wait for a confirmation on when exactly the update wil be rolled out.

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OnePlus 8 Pro HD Playback Bug To Be Fixed This Month Via Update
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