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Thanks to the excellent cameras in modern smartphones, it's easier than ever to build up a big collection of photos of family, friends, and other fond memories. Sharing pictures on social media is one way to look back on photos, but if you're looking for something you can display in your home, you should consider a digital photo frame.

Digital photo frames are dedicated screens that can show slideshows of pictures you either load directly onto the frame or access from the internet. They saw some popularity for a period of time, but started to wane as social media became a more integral part of sharing photos. But there are still some nice, artsy digital frames on the market, and they serve their intended purpose very well.

There are also some other, more versatile options you might want to consider.

Smart Displays

Voice assistants have come a long way. First they appeared on smart speakers like the Amazon Echo. Then companies added a screen to the mix, creating smart displays. These countertop, desktop, and tabletop devices provide all of the voice control functionality you get from smart speakers, along with a colorful screen that can display additional media. That media includes photos, letting you turn any smart display into a digital photo frame simply by uploading photos to your favorite service and asking the display to show them off.


Your favorite tablet can serve as an excellent photo frame when it isn't in your hand. By getting a nice stand (or finding a tablet with a built-in stand), you can simply set it down on a desk to show off your photos when you're not using it.


TVs don't need to be dull black rectangles when they're not in use. Several feature low-power gallery modes that can show off works of art or your own photos when you aren't actively watching anything else. Turning your TV into a digital photo frame is as easy as linking a compatible photo service or plugging in a USB drive with your favorite pictures. Samsung's Frame stands out among these choices, thanks to a modular bezel design that makes the TV look like a framed painting.

With that in mind, we've gathered the best digital photo frames you can buy, as well as our other favorite devices you can use as frames, from tiny desktop screens for snapshots to much larger panels for great works of art.

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