Best Phones For 2020

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We've come a really long way from the mobile phones of yesteryear. Now that we're almost halfway through 2020, new phones are shaping up to be what we largely expected. It's a big year for phones that have flexible displays, better rear and selfie cameras, 5G connectivity or screens with high refresh rates. Samsung proved this point earlier this year when it announced its Galaxy S20 devices and the foldable Galaxy Z Flip phone, which include many of these premium features. 

This shouldn't be surprising, as phone-makers are evolving and innovating faster than ever. We also predict that Samsung's Galaxy line and Apple's iPhones will remain many people's top choice, but other phone-makers will gun for their place with fantastic handsets of their own -- devices that offer amazing displays, a fast refresh rate, security features like a fingerprint scanner and tons and tons of apps. All this competition benefits us users, however, who have many excellent phones to choose from, and at a number of different prices. Read on to see what the best phones are right now and take a look at our tips on how to buy a new cell phone. Also, check back with this list often as we regularly update it as the year unfolds -- especially given that Samsung and Motorola recently launched several phones. The best phone of you is surely listed below.

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>The best budget phone of 2020 >Apple iPhone SE > John Kim/CNET

Starting at only $399, the 2020 version of the iPhone SE is the best budget phone you can find right now. With an A13 processor (the same as the iPhone 11) and an amazing camera, the iPhone SE is way more powerful than it has any right to be. Old school iPhone fans will also appreciate the return of TouchID and the home button. Read our Apple iPhone SE (2020) review.

$399 at Apple $394 at Amazon $400 at Best Buy
>Best midtier iPhone >Apple iPhone 11 > Sarah Tew/CNET > ED I T O R S C H O I C E Nov 2019

Starting at $700, the iPhone 11 is the best midtier model Apple has ever made of its flagship phone. Its cameras get an excellent new Night Mode and an ultrawide-angle camera adds extra detail in photos. Video is fantastic, too. Just be aware, though, that there isn't a headphone jack. Read our Apple iPhone 11 review.

$699 at Apple $699 at Amazon $700 at Best Buy

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>A premium Android experience >Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus > Angela Lang/CNET

While it's true that the new Galaxy S20 phones just launched, the refined, feature-packed Galaxy Note 10 Plus from 2019 still closes the gap with rival phones. This top-of-the-line phone was made for people who want the best Android. It has a killer 6.8-inch screen, an all-day battery life and excellent camera tools. Read our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review.

$900 at Amazon $1,100 at Sprint $1,100 at Best Buy

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>Absolute best camera on any phone >Huawei P30 Pro > Angela Lang/CNET

The Huawei P30 Pro's photo skills rule the camera phone world. It takes astounding photos, its battery life is superb, and its vibrant design is beautiful. The basic version has 8 GB of RAM, all the better to store those amazing photos your'e going to be taking with this device. Read our Huawei P30 Pro review.

$588 at Amazon
>Best Android value of 2020 >OnePlus 7 Pro > Angela Lang/CNET > ED I T O R S C H O I C E Jun 2019

Every mobile phone nowadays is looking to one-up the competition with features like pop-up selfie cameras, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and multiple rear cameras in addition to their selfie camera. The OnePlus 7 Pro has all the features du jour to keep us enticed. But it's the phone's $669 starting price that's the deal maker. OnePlus' followup for the US market, the OnePlus 7T is also an excellent mobile phone. And keep an eye out in 2020 for the next OnePlus flagship phone, as the company demoed its OnePlus Concept One at CES 2020, which included a 'disappearing' camera. Read our OnePlus 7 Pro review.

$660 at Amazon $699 at OnePlus
>Little, mighty and worth every penny >Samsung Galaxy S10E > Angela Lang/CNET

As the most wallet-friendly Galaxy S10 phone, the Galaxy S10E has a lot to offer. It's a smaller Android phone, which is great for those looking for a small grip, it has a superfast Snapdragon 855 chipset and a lengthy battery life. It can also wirelessly charge other phones and accessories. Read our Samsung Galaxy S10E review.

$550 at Amazon $750 at Sprint $750 at Boost Mobile
>Cheaper Pixel 3 with same great camera >Google Pixel 3A > Angela Lang/CNET > ED I T O R S C H O I C E Oct 2019

The Pixel 3A shaves a few features off of 2018's Pixel 3: It's not water-resistant, doesn't have wireless charging, and it maxes out at 64GB of storage. But it adds a headphone jack and keeps the same amazing Night Sight camera that can shoot great photos in the dark. (Daytime photos look amazing, too.) It's because of its great value that the phone earned a CNET Editors' Choice. Read our Google Pixel 3A review.

$350 at Amazon $399 at Sprint $400 at Best Buy
>Best budget phone gets better >Motorola Moto G7 > Angela Lang/CNET > ED I T O R S C H O I C E Apr 2019

The Moto G7 is one of the most affordable and reliable phones. Though its single speaker doesn't offer the greatest sound, and it takes mediocre low-light photos and video, the G7 has dual rear cameras, an enduring battery life and a sleek design -- all essential in budget phones. It also charges really quickly, which is useful when you need to juice up while on the go. Read our Motorola Moto G7 review.

$230 at Amazon $230 at Best Buy

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