Google Pixel 4’s ‘highly Advanced’ Feature Fails To Work For Some Users

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Google introduced face unlock for the first time with the Pixel 4 series. Google also said the Pixel 4’s face unlock is highly advanced and secure. Pixel 4 unlocks even when the user’s eyes are closed, and it can be used for confirming payments and signing into some apps. Turns out some Pixel 4 users are complaining face unlock doesn’t work at all.

According to a report by Android Police, face unlock on Pixel 4 doesn’t work even after multiple tries. These issues popped up in November, a month after Google launched the Pixel 4 phones. Those who fail to unlock the Pixel 4 through facial recognition are being shown either “Can’t verify face. Try again” or “Can’t verify face. Hardware not available.”

Some Pixel 4 users have also been notified to enrol their face again for facial recognition. But the problem persisted even after following this step. The report also states that some users are unable to do so as they can’t delete the stored face on the phone. The reason behind this face unlock issue isn’t known as yet. For some users, face unlock issues on Pixel 4 started after installing the December security update. But there are users whose face unlock issue isn’t related to this.

Google is expected to roll out a software update and patch this bug soon. For now the only option left for Pixel 4 users is to either factory rest their phone or settle for PIN/pattern till Google fixes this issue. Facial recognition is the only biometric authentication on the Pixel 4 as it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor.

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Google Pixel 4’s ‘highly advanced’ feature fails to work for some users