Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Feature Isn’t Working For Some Users; Know What It Is

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Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock has issues

Google Pixel 4 series recently made its entry as Google 2019 flagship series. While it was deemed to be a pleasant entry, it didn’t receive much love and fell into the controversy trap one after the other. The recent problem with the Pixel 4 is yet again its Face Unlock feature, which is creating trouble for some users.

Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock has issues

According to a report by Android Police, some users, while using the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock are unable to access the feature and are receiving pop-up messages such as "Can't verify face. Hardware not available" and "Can't verify face. Try again."  

Several Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users took to platforms such as Reddit, XDA Forums, and Pixel support forums to address the issue. 

It is suggested that the problem first occurred in November and grew eventually. While the problem surfaced after the recent Google update (for some), it occurred without the update for others.

While the issue isn’t on a large scale, users who are facing it aren’t able to fix it both by deleting the Face Unlock data, re-registering facial recognition, or resetting the smartphone altogether. We hope Google fixes the issue soon.

IndiaTV Digital contacted Google for clarification and awaiting a response.

Previous Pixel 4 Face Unlock issue

As a reminder, Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock had a problem in the past too; it got unlocked even when a user’s eyes were closed, leading to a major privacy issue. However, Google released a software update to fix it.

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Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock feature isn’t working for some users; Know what it is
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