Google Pixel 4A Could Run On Snapdragon 730 Chip, May Skip 5G Support

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It may have been just a few months since Google launched its Pixel 4 smartphones, but a new image has leaked that shows the purported Pixel 5 XL with a unique-looking design language.

The phone is reported to keep the same texture finished on both the frames and the rear glass, both matte/soft touch. It would be a good idea to go with such a design since Apple and Samsung (Google’s biggest competitors) have square/rectangular camera setups, GSMArena reported on Saturday quoting Front Page Tech.

However, the leaked image is one of three prototype renders, thus, meaning that the render we are seeing may not see the light of the day as the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. 

The YouTuber showed the back of the Pixel 5 in his leak. It looks monstrous, yes, but it ultimately won’t matter what Google does with the camera module as long as the Pixel 5 takes better photos than ever, according to BGR.

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Earlier in October, Google announced the newly-launched Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones will not be available in India. In a statement, the company said it has decided not to make Pixel 4 duo available in the country.

The Google Pixel 4 has a radar sensor, dubbed Project Soli during development, and now called Motion Sense.

This allows the smartphone to support air gestures - so you can wave your hands at your phone to execute certain actions. This works on 60GHz spectrum and that was said to be the reason why the company didn’t launch the phones in India.

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Google Pixel 5 XL leak reveals a strange camera setup on the back