Google Pixel Buds 2 Are Now FCC Certified

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However, it is not a confirmed that the device codenamed “G025J,” which has now been certified by the Federal Communications Commission for sale in the United States, is actually the Pixel 4A.

The prevailing trend points towards the FCC authorising new phones a few weeks before they are launched commercially. Since Google does not manufacture a lot of different phones, such as, say Samsung, this move is ominous.

It is likely that the “G025J” will be the Pixel 4A, given that the incumbent, the Pixel 4 was codenamed “G020.” A key detail that can be deciphered from the FCC filings is that the new Google phone will not have the tiny Soli radar sensor chip that does duty on the Pixel 4.

The Soli chip is used for controlling “Motion Sense” gestures and for face unlocks. This might be good news for Indian buyers. The main reason the Pixel 4 was not launched in the country was because the Soli chip operates in the 60GHz mmWave frequency band, which the Indian government has not yet opened for commercial use. Launching the phone without activating the chip probably did not make sense for Google.

Radar technology uses millimetre wave radio frequencies, which would require disclosure to the government, and in the case of the United States, the FCC. This detail was a part of the document presented to the FCC by Google when it brought out the Pixel 4.

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