List Of Crowd Sourced Features That Are Coming Soon To Your OnePlus Smartphone

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OnePlus launched its IDEAS 2.0 platform back in September, where the company set up a voting system and ideation guidelines for users to discuss the features that they wanted in their phones. The company has conducted three rounds of ideation till date, where it received 7,303 ideas from 5427 active community members. The ideation process garnered over 12,000 likes and 8,800 comments. Now, the IDEAS 2.0 platform has come to an end, and the company has selected a few ideas from the discussions that it is releasing.

Out of the 7,303 ideas, the company has selected seven ideas that have been adopted and will soon be implemented via updates on OxygenOS, which powers the OnePlus smartphones.

The first idea accepted is the addition of a Frames Per Second (FPS) counter inside of the Game Space. This will allow mobile gamers to track the performance of their games and the screen refresh rate that the device is being able to output. It will also allow gamers to have an outlook at it the device is throttling due to heat and thus put aside the device to cool down.

The second feature is the ability to transfer files directly from a laptop to an OnePlus device wirelessly. This will be a similar feature to Apple's AirDrop. However, OnePlus might opt to go the route of wireless transfer protocol via the same Wi-Fi.

Power Diet mode is another idea selected from the bunch, which will allow the smartphone to go into deep sleep and make it function like a basic phone, thus helping users save battery. A similar feature is already available in Samsung phones as an option inside of the power savings mode.

Dark mode on OnePlus smartphones is currently a shade of grey, which keeps the pixels turned on. The selected idea proposes that dark mode should be black instead of grey, or the company should at least provide the users with an option. This will make AMOLED displays in OnePlus smartphones look much richer, as it will allow the pixels to shut off completely and provide users with deeper blacks.

Finally, the idea of partial screenshots instead of full ones only has been selected. This feature will allow users to select the part of the screen they want to screenshot, in a similar manner to Samsung Galaxy Note line-up's selective screenshot.

Features that were not adopted include hole-punch camera notification alerts, desktop mode, camera improvements in social media apps, back tap gestures, screen burn-in prevention, battery charge level customisations, Bluetooth dual audio, fingerprint customisation, notification ring, better image processing, pairing animations, navigation bar customisations, OnePlus dialer instead of Google dialer, app badges, battery health and Oxygen OS 11 classic layout skin.

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List of crowd-sourced features that are coming soon to your OnePlus smartphone