Redmi Note 7 Least Durable, Google Pixel 3A Most Repairable & Durable Smartphone, Says YouTuber JerryRigEverything

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Famed YouTuber JerryRigEverything, aka Zack Nelson, has announced his list of the most repairable, durable and innovative smartphones launched in 2019. The YouTuber, who is popular for opening and bending tech products, announced the winners of his Smartphone Durability Awards.

According to Nelson, the Pixel 3A was the most repairable smartphone in the past year. The smartphone has a plastic build and a fairly simple design that makes it easy to open and fix issues, particularly the screen.

Google Pixel 3A (Review) was also awarded as the most durable smartphone of 2019. 


Nelson claimed that the least repairable smartphone was the Royale Flexpai. The foldable smartphone was amongst, if not the first foldable smartphones to have gone on sale in select markets. The Royale Flexpai received a lot of criticism due to its fragile build quality and a not-so-attractive design.

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Notably, the iPhone 11 series were the runner-ups of the least repairable smartphone. Nelson states that although the screen is easily repairable, the proprietary screws and the high-replacement costs of the rear glass back were the prime factors for the runner-up position.

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Surprisingly, the Nubia Z20 was awarded as the most innovative smartphone of 2019. The Z20 features dual screens on the front and back. Nelson believes that the innovation, unlike foldable smartphones, does not compromise on durability, making the Nubia Z20 the most innovative smartphone of 2019.

The Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone from Samsung scored a runner-up position at the Smartphone Durability awards.

JerryRigEverything who is known for opening smartphones also hosts a special category — Best looking smartphone on the inside. Samsung Galaxy A80 with its motorised, flip rotating camera won this award.

The Redmi Note 7, according to JerryRigEverything, was the least durable smartphone of 2019. During the smartphone’s bend test, Redmi Note 7 broke on the front and rear panel. Runner-up for the least durable smartphone was the Pixel 4 XL that snapped in four places during Nelson’s tests.

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Redmi Note 7 least durable, Google Pixel 3A most repairable & durable smartphone, says YouTuber JerryRigEverything
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