Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

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Quick Verdict

If you're the type of person who needs a smartphone that offers the best and is always looking for more in terms of performance, battery and, well, most other features you look for in the smartphone you're going to love the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, it comes at a price that most probably won't be able to afford. Yes, the camera is great as is the screen and battery life but when you think you've got to pay the equivalent of a 2-week holiday away for the privilege, you've got to really want the 'biggest and the best'. If you can afford the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, you won't be disappointed. For everyone else, you do have the Galaxy S20+ and S20 to look at, too. 

+ Pros

  • Great screen 
  • Good image quality 
  • Zoom up to 10x is excellent 
  • Fast charging

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