The Sharp Aquos V Is A High End Smartphone From A Time Capsule

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Sharp tries an exciting experiment with the Aquos V. Instead of relying on new mid-range hardware, the Japanese buy leftover stocks of old top-tier components. The strategy could work out, if the manufacturer would only decorate the strong hardware with appropriately optimized software. But so far the promising concept turns out to be a toothless tiger in many respects.

Daily work and especially gaming is fun with the Sharp Aquos V, if you get rid of the pale display and use wired headphones. But especially with the camera, great potential is lost, as the OnePlus 5's camera software was been able to make big leaps in comparison to its predecessors. Thanks to optimizations in the app, blurred effects, high-contrast shots in the dark and all in all, the colors now appear much more beautiful. Sharp has really messed up here.

If Sharp can make significant improvements in the software and fix the bugs, we will adapt this review accordingly. Until then we recommend the alternatives listed in the price section.

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The Sharp Aquos V is a high-end smartphone from a time capsule