Xiaomi Files Patent For Foldable Smartphone With Rotating Quad Camera

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Beijing: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has patented a foldable smartphone with quad-camera system that rotates forward for selfies and back for regular photos.

The smartphone maker has filed the design patent for an inward bending phone in China and has also put 48 images to showcase the handset, reports GizmoChina.

The patent images show a flexible screen with no notches or cutouts. The phone folds inwards, protecting the display. There are no signs of a secondary display and the chin rotating camera module is at the top, making the phone look like an upside-down Moto Razr.

Earlier, the company also patented a new a dual-display smartphone with quad-rear camera setup.

According to the patent, the primary display is like any other phone with ultra-slim bezels and earpiece up top.

The secondary display on the new Xiaomi-patented phone is as small in size as the quad-camera housing on the back.

Source : https://www.freepressjournal.in/technology/xiaomi-patents-new-foldable-phone-with-rotating-camera

Xiaomi patents new foldable phone with rotating camera
New Xiaomi Patent Shows a Folding Phone with a Rotating Camera